Meet our Global Graduates

A knowledge hub

Mie Hvas, Global Business Graduate

Grundfos is like a little knowledge hub. It is incredible how much knowledge you can absorb just by being at Grundfos. If I have to describe the programme in one word, it would be opportunity. What you get here is the opportunity to combine the need of the organization with your personal interests. When we say that the Grundfos Graduate Programme is tailored, we mean that you can influence the programme yourself. Every new project  is a new adventure. Your environment changes and you meet new and inspiring people, which contribute to a steep learning curve.

I have developed a crush on Grundfos. It is fascinating how big a role sustainability plays in Grundfos' DNA. The fact that Grundfos contributes towards solving global challenges is a strong motivator for me. I believe that I’m working on the smartest solutions and that matters a lot.


One big family

Peter Semsag, Global Engineering Graduate

It is surprising how much freedom the programme offers. I get to choose my own projects, and that is what motivates me the most. The programme helps me explore the disciplines within Fluid Mechanics, while at the same time challenging me to learn more about other areas that I am not so familiar with.

All over the Grundfos group, I have experienced people working together as if they were part of one big family. Working alongside international colleagues inspires me and helps me develop in so many ways.

Work-life balance is important at Grundfos. It is amazing, how my colleagues and graduate buddies have fun together both at and off work. I can only recommend everyone to apply. Everything is possible if you are brave, confident and have the right mindset.


Tailoring your own career

Kasper Ohrt, Global Finance Graduate

The programme encourages me to know where I want to be, how I want to go there, at what speed and in what part of the organisation. Being part of the programme means getting the possibility to know yourself better. That is what we call tailoring your own programme – taking part in designing your own journey and career.

I have the perfect surroundings for developing and challenging myself. I gain just the right amount of support from my graduate manager, mentor, graduate buddies and project owner to keep me on track. I have all the tools and help that I need to develop in every aspect of my professional life.

For me, the programme is exactly where I want to be. I get to work on my analytical skills and present the solutions – not just sitting in front of an excel sheet. If you like meeting new people and facing challenges, while being curious at the same time, the Global Graduate Programme is definitely the right choice for you.


A perfect challenge in a global environment

Adam Wang, Global Business Graduate

I  challenge myself everyday. Working in projects can sometimes be tough, but I always know that the people around the programme are there for me. It is a platform for valuable exposure within the global organisation offering both challenges and oppurtunities.

I decided to become a graduate in Grundfos because the company is getting bigger and bigger in China. It is a unique chance to experience a global working environment and to move around the world. I know that my colleagues appreciate my contribution and that motivates me a lot. If you push yourself hard enough and overcome the challenges, the Grundfos Graduate Programme can take you far.