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A matter of trust
The national Swiss television is run in the interests of its viewers and listeners. Ensuring value for money is a core responsibility for the employees every day dedicated to produce fi rst class radio and television. The Schweizer Fernsehen has a portfolio of services in place which is suited to the digital age, and which enables the SF to bring more value than ever before.
Adapting to special requirements
Hardinge Group is a leading machine tool manufacturer offering a wide range of highly reliable turning, milling, grinding and work holding solutions. The company supports a variety of market applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, construction, agriculture, mold, tool and die, etc.
Always the preferred supplier
Lucerne-based milk processor Emmi is the leading Swiss company for cheese and fresh products. Innovations, gains in market share and acquisitions have contributed to several years of sustained growth both in Switzerland and in international markets.
An overhaul with high expectations
When one of Bavaria’s largest pharmaceutical companies decided to overhaul its entire production line it wanted only premium solutions. Around €280 million was being spent, and the company wasn’t going to compromise its investment with anything less than the best sanitary pumps on the market. As a pharmaceutical company the customer’s requirements included a reliable flow of ultra-pure and deionised water, and a solution that made as little noise as possible. The CIP (Cleaning in Place) ...
Avoid overdosing chemicals in wastewater treatment
Over the past 20 years, phosphorus and BOD levels have successfully been reduced in effluent discharged into the gently meandering Tualatin River in northwest Oregon. Water management utility, Clean Water Services, has played a significant role to improve water quality in the Tualatin. In fact its Durham and Rock Creek plants have been named EPA Plant of the Year in 2005 and 2006 respectively.
Banking on Hungary
Optimal Hungária is the Hungarian branch of Optimal – a french company that specialises in equipment installation and facility management. Based on previous good experience with Grundfos, the managing director of Optimal regarded Grundfos as the preferred supplier of equipment for a new office block that would serve as the headquarters of ING Bank Hungary, in Budapest.
Bares its teeth to swarf
Single-stage MTB block pump at ZF Getriebe GmbH in Saarbrücken
BM booster - added value for RO plant
OSMOTEC Engineering GmbH, Germany, designs and constructs state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis, (RO), plants for the purpose of extracting clean drinking water from saline seawater in both offshore and onshore desalination installations.
Bombas Unilift de Grundfos en los hogares alemanes
En los países desarrollados disfrutamos de un fácil acceso a todas las formas de comunicación, transporte y recursos como agua y electricidad. Sin embargo, los propietarios modernos se enfrentan con el hecho de que este acceso libre no significa gratis. El agua, por ejemplo, ha llegado a ser una comodidad que es cara de utilizar y de utilizar de nuevo. Como en muchas otras partes del mundo, los ciudadanos de diversos estados federados de Alemania se enfrentan a las regulaciones en material de...
Brussels cleans up its wastewater
The River Senne: From open sewer to living river