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Un ahorro de energía del 40% no es nada…
Novo Nordisk es líder en áreas como la hemostasia, trastornos del crecimiento y terapías de sustitución de hormonas. Novo Nordisk fabrica y vende productos farmacéuticos y servicios que marcan la diferencia en los pacientes, la profesión medica y la sociedad.
Un sistema de protección contra incendios Grundfos protege el paraíso de las ...
Portugal, Alcochete: El Oulet de diseñedores Freeport en Lisboa se inauguró oficialmente en Septiembre de 2004, albergando más de 200 tiendas, 40 restaurantes y cafés y diversas instalaciones de ocio como un multicines con 21 salas y un anfiteatro con entretenimiento semanal. A diferencia de los centros comerciales tradicionales Freeport es al aire libre imitando una pequeña ciudad.
Variable-speed immersible pump cuts processing time when grinding
For more than 80 years the Walter AG Group (Tübingen), a company owned by Sandvik AB in Sweden, has been active in the metal processing market, and it is one of the leading companies in the world in the sector. The company’s 2,000 or so employees generate a turnover of 300 million euros, and the product range includes grinding machines and precision tools, as well as software for tool management.
Wales Street Primary School uses harvested water to rejuvenate school grounds
Wales Street Primary School, in the inner Melbourne suburb of Thornbury about 7km from Melbourne’s CBD, had a well-grassed oval, and decided to install an underground irrigation system to keep the ground in shape. However, after the system had been installed, the drought arrived and they were unable to use it. Water restrictions meant they couldn’t use mains water, and the oval grass died. Despite several attempts to re-seed it, it developed into a summer dust bowl.
Water saving innovation just what your customers are seeking
Plumbers and plumbing service providers know that millions of homes around Australia feature hot water reticulation systems that waste thousands of litres of water annually – because of the design of their hot water systems.
Wireless data transmission keeps reliability high and costs low at ...
For a wastewater treatment plant, reliability is of great importance. The removal of wastewater and stormwater in extreme situations must happen when required. Costs are also important, and the key is to ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the reliability and the sustainability of the wastewater treatment plant.