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Polish housing society breaks with tradition
THE POJEZIERZE REGION, POLAND: Polish households spend about 12% of their budgets on energy, compared with an average of 4% in the European Union. The over consumption can be attributed to a combination of thermally inefficient buildings and high distribution losses found in Poland. It is estimated that distribution energy losses in some systems amount to 45% compared with a typical figure of 10% in a well-maintained system. Consequently, there is considerable demand for replacement and ...
Polish housing society breaks with tradition
In 2002, the Pojezierze Housing Society decided to upgrade the heating system that served its 160 apartment blocks in Poland. This project included pipelines with a total length of 14.8 km, and an installation with 128 substations.
Power and Water Corporation
Power and Water Corporation
Precision through reliability
Competence and quality in linear Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology have a name with a long tradition: Sodick. For nearly three decades, this company has been the only one in the world to develop and build its own EDM machines from scratch. Grundfos pumps play important roles in helping Sodick produce some of the world’s best EDM machines.
Proving energy and cost benefits with CIU 300 BACnet communication modules
As a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the British Columbia (BC) provincial government in Canada has provided funding for energy-optimising boiler energy retrofits in their buildings.
Reliability essential
Parmalat has chosen Grundfos Digital Dosing pumps for the water treatment system that is vital for operations at its plant in Hungary. The company employs a total of about 40,000 people in more than 162 plants in 27 different countries, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of UHT long-life milk.
Robust, reliable, efficient – NOVAlobe proves its worth
Part of United Biscuits, McVitie’s is a long-established player in the market and manufactures a wide range of much-loved biscuit and cake products.
Sensor in state of the art compact boiler module
Grundfos is always looking for ways to optimize their products making them more compact, efficient, and enabling saving through simplification of the assembly process. Grundfos has found a need for more compact boilermodules, which are able to control the production of domestic hot water in a reliable, accurate and fast way, as well as enabling diagnostics on the critical central heating circuit.
Sistema de desinfección Oxiperm Pro
El Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS) inaugurado el 19 de Abril de 1927. Hoy en día es el aeropuerto internacional más importante del North Rhine Westphalia. El Aeropuerto Düsseldorf es el tercer aeropuerto en Alemania por volumen de pasajeros. En total, más de 18.1 millones de personas viajan desde Düsseldorf a 180 destinos en 50 países diferentes al año utilizando 77 compañías aéreas internacionales (datos de 2008). Como media, 49.000 pasajeros son transportados diariamente en 625 vuelos.
Solar system an efficient supplement to boiler heating
Solar energy is an ideal cost-saving supplement to a conventional hot water and heating system. But the challenge is to get the two systems to work seamlessly together to get the most out of the sun - even on the cloudy days.